Boella & Smiles

Tradition, since 1885

A very sweet story.

A great story full of emotions is that of Boella & Sorrisi, a unique company as of October 2014, the result of a delightful "marriage" between the heirs of the two brands, Elena Boella and Stefano Silvola.

Our products are the result of a long family tradition, constant study and the uncompromising selection of the best raw materials.

Customer focus

Our customers are our reason for being. Contributing to their success by offering products made as they once were, a unique service experience and high quality is a source of pride for us.

Team spirit

Our employees are the secret of our success. We are committed to creating a work environment where we can give our best, share ideas and collaborate together.

Respect for raw materials

The use of the best, genuine and noble raw materials; ancient recipes, processing method and respect for long production time are the secrets of Boella & Sorrisi specialties with unique and original taste.

Our values.

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The Turin Chamber of Commerce has recognized our attention to quality, hygiene and safety requirements for our products and plant by awarding us the title of Masters of Taste.

Masters of taste.

Sweets, for more than a century.

Boella's Panettone, Colomba and pastry shop has been following the ancient tradition since 1885, paying special attention to the quality of the products, the choice of raw materials and the care in following the processing of the products at all stages.

In 1960, Sorrisi was born, which still delights the whole world with specialty chocolates.

Boella & Sorrisi, in addition to the continuous search for innovation, also focuses on studying the needs and tastes of today's consumer by offering not only classic flavors, but several selected varieties of cocoa with unique and different flavor profiles.

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Safe and certified.

We take great care in the chocolate laboratory to avoid any kind of grain contamination, and we are proud to saythat all our chocolate is gluten-free.

In addition, we have achieved BRC and IFS Certifications, two key international standards that attest and guarantee to customers and consumers the excellent level of safety and quality of our working environment, processes and products.

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Respect for the environment

Our photovoltaic system allows us to produce without harming our planet and people.

The environment is important.

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