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Our certifications.

We have achieved BRC and IFS Certifications, two key international standards that attest and guarantee to customers and consumers theexcellent level of safety and quality of our working environment, processes and products.

boella is panettoni and chocolate in Turin
brcs 2


BRC is a quality standard that has the basis of HACCP and also standardizes the working environment and controls on products and processes.

BRC Certification

kosher 2


Chocolate Smiles has received SIKS Kosher Certification; the compliance required by Jewish law, which describes the biblical concepts to which every observant Jew must adhere.

SIKS Kosher Certification

halal 2


Halal certification received from the World Halal Authority ensures that systems, processes, services and products conform to the requirements set by Halal norms and international Halal standards.

Halal certification

ifs 2


With IFS certification, it is declared to take care of management based on the principle of HACCP, compliance with food regulations, personnel management, and verification of process and product quality.

IFS Certification

conformity 2


Organic Certification certifies that products are grown according to the principles of organic farming, considering the entire agricultural ecosystem, promoting the biodiversity of the environment in which it operates, and limiting or excluding the use of synthetic products and genetically modified organisms.

BIO Certification

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