Chocolate in Turin

A long family tradition

The best cocoa beans

Innovative production techniques

Our chocolate.

Our products are the fruit of a long family tradition, a constant study of the best and most innovative production techniques and the uncompromising selection of the best fruits the earth offers us.

The selection of cocoa beans, made with passion toward a fruit capable of stimulating the senses and generating emotions, helps us to make each of the cocoa varieties used express the highest quality.

boella is panettoni and chocolate in Turin

The raw material

At this stage we select the world's best cocoa beans directly from farmers in Venezuela, Madagascar, Ecuador and Peru.

The analyses

We analyze each incoming shipment to ensure the best quality cocoa and check for defects.


First and important stage of production done at the right times and at regulated temperatures to enhance the flavor of the cocoa beans that distinguishes Sorrisi chocolate.


Second element of the Bean-to-Bar supply chain, which has the function of removing the husk and sprout and turning the cocoa beans, already roasted, into cocoa cranes of various sizes.

The cocoa mass

We refine cocoa gruè in our peg and ball mills, obtaining cocoa paste.


Expert maitre chocolatiers prepare recipes by adding milk powder (to obtain milk chocolate) and Piedmont hazelnut paste (for gianduia) to the cocoa paste, selecting and mixing in varying proportions depending on the recipe and the type of chocolate to be obtained: milk, white, dark, ruby and gianduia.


Afterwards, our recipes are conched for several hours to remove excessive acidity and to obtain a balanced, emulsified and perfectly oxygenated chocolate.


During tempering, the chocolate is first cooled to 26-28 degrees and then heated to 29-32 degrees. This step is essential for the cocoa butter to solidify into the stable crystalline form, to achieve the glossy appearance, proper splitting and excellent shelf life.


Tempered chocolate is poured into molds of different shapes and sizes or extruded and cut to make soft pralines. All our products in the Smiles line are decorated and molded by hand.


Our manual packaging lines enable visual inspection of the product and the production of high-quality, certified and environmentally sustainable flexible packaging.
Products are stored in temperature- and humidity-controlled warehouses (so as not to alter the organoleptic characteristics of the products) powered (like all production) by our photovoltaic system.

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