classic pandoro box

Boella & Sorrisi’s classic pandoro, rich of butter and realized following the ancient pastry tradition, is a typical Christmas tradition dessert.

A dessert with a refined taste, whose soft and digestible dough is the result of a slow natural leavening and the wise use of simple and natural ingredients: egg, flour, butter milk and sugar. Excellent and light, to taste sprinkled with a cloud of powdered sugar or filled with a sweet cream, the classic pandoro in the typical carton box can’t miss on the party table.


Additional information

Weight 1000 g
Dimensions 25 × 20 cm


Naturally leavened oven baked product

Ingredients: wheat flour, egg, sugar, butter, fresh pasteurized whole milk, natural yeast (it contain wheat), fructose, emulsifier: mono and diglycerides of fatty acids of vegetable origin, cocoa butter, salt, flavors.

Ingredients powdered sugar: sugar, wheat starch, flavors.

May contain traces of treenuts, peanuts and soy.
Contains gluten, milk and egg.

Store in a cool and dry place

Nutritional values

Nutritional values ​​for 100 gr:

  • Energy: 1742 kJ (416 kcal)
  • Fats: 20g of which saturated fatty acids: 13g
  • Carbohydrates: 50g of which sugars: 21g
  • Proteins: 8,2g
  • Salt: 0,64g


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