boella fabbrica di cioccolato

the chocolate factory.

the factory store.

Get ready to enter the fantastic world of chocolate with an inviting and greedy atmosphere, you can go shopping and enjoy a cup of the finest single origin hot chocolate prepared on the spot to offer you a truly unique experience.
The Boella  Sorrisi Chocolate Factory is a reference point for chocolate lovers.

Why do customers choose us? Because they know they can count on genuine and fresh products, made only with refined ingredients. Because we are greedy and passionate about chocolate and we will be happy to guide you to discover this wonderful world admiring our staff directly from the shop producing bars, chocolates, spreads, chocolate-covered fruit and Easter eggs.

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boella fabbrica cioccolato caffe brioche

the cafeteria.

We also offer delicious hot drinks prepared with our cocoa selections , from dark to milk, from salted caramel to white, mixed with the fine Costadoro 100% organic Arabica coffee, all combined with brioches freshly baked puff pastry every day.

Our green sensitivity led us to eliminate the use of plastic containers by serving our drinks in disposable cups made from compostable material.

Furthermore Boella & Sorrisi saves the planet by joining the fight against food waste managed by To Good To Go by reducing the environmental impact.

the open day.

During the year we organize several open days in which we welcome adults and children directly inside the factory to admire all the productions up close, telling you everything we know about chocolate and entertaining you with demonstrations on processing techniques starting from cocoa bean to chocolate.

The open days last approximately 1 hour and include a tasting of freshly made chocolate at the end of the visit.

Our open days have won the Tripadvisor Travelers’ Choice 2020 award

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